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Terms and Conditions

Once you have made a decision to register with us, you basically enters into a contractual obligation with us which is why we have terms and conditions. These guidelines provide directives on how we should engage with one another as we work together. Based on these guidelines, each part will gain awareness based on the role they should play to promote a healthy working and engagement.

Terms and conditions also important since they help win protecting clients. With clear guidelines in place, the activities between the clients and the support are conducted with clarity. This help protect the customers given they have clear feedback on what should occur during their engagement with clients.

One important guideline is that clients should always begin by registering, making an order, or even making inquiry. This will give clear feedback based on what is required. The client will obtain clear feedback based on the payment they should make. On the other hand, the support or the management will obtain clear feedback on the activities that have to be undertaken within the client’s course.

Another important directive that is part of the terms and conditions is that clients should always begin by making payment. Payment may be partial or complete. This will allow the support team to get down to working on the clients work. Unpaid orders will not be completed unless we have a continued engagement with the client.

Another important guideline is that clients are free to request for refunds where pre-determined conditions are not met. This guideline ensures that writers and the support conduct themselves in a manner that ensures that clients needs are effectively met.

Therefore, having read these terms and conditions, feel free to register or to make any inquiry regarding our services.

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